My other self

Besides the anonymous and slightly enigmatic self that writes as H – or Hieronymous – and who you read of over the page, there is another self, less anonymous as far as the world is concerned, and officially enigmatic even when I strive not to be. You see H in his day job actually works for himself as a management and IT consultant (E~nigmatic Management Solutions). I try to avoid wearing a suit in performing that, but in reality I am an ex-corporate dude going straight by doing my own thing. There are challenges in being a small business owner, some of which will occasionally be reflected upon in my main blog, speaking as H.

I do, however, have a website for the business, and within that website is a blog in which I very sporadically comment upon whatever catches my eye. Too sporadically as it happens, but it’s hard enough to manage one blog, let alone two, while trying to run a business and get out and about. The business blog is not intended to be comprehensive or detailed – I write white papers also which go much further – and in fact I generally dash off my posts in between doing other things after ruminating on them for a couple of days. The intent is to publicise the business – I need work after all – and to provide content on the site. None of the posts top a 1,000 words, and none have any great literary merit, but I hope to present an opinionated and individual take on the subjects I come to. There’s not much value in being Mr Bland, and I guess I’d rather people disagree with me than be indifferent. And ultimately, I guess, I am opinionated. Why present as something that you’re not?

In any case that’s the windy preamble to saying I’ve decided to copy my blog posts from there to here. They won’t be for everyone, but they’re their if you want to check them out.

Oh, and give me a call if you need my services 😉

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