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I don’t say I always apply the lessons I’ve learned to my own life, but at least I know them. They may not work for everyone, but seems to me that what I record here is right for me at least, and possibly for many others too.

#4 Buy a house with an open fireplace

#28 In a game of bullshit, escalate. Don’t be the first to back off.

#70 Know the pleasures of the quickie. The kitchen bench, the car, Christ, somebody’s front garden. Man, got to be spontaneous. Give it life.

#54 Don’t speed in wet weather.

#126 If you have to settle for second best, go without.

#139 Thick and thin. If you cheer your team along in the good times you’ve got to stick with them in the bad. Same with people. No point being gone when they need you most. That’s the rule.

#173 There are two kinds of problems in the world: those you can do something about, and those you cant. No point worrying about what you can’t change, but act on what you can change.

#180 I’m a man and I write as a man. I have learnt certain things as a man and could be many of them apply to both sexes equally. This I say to men at least, my son, for them to remember when they feel that flutter in their heart. You see that woman you might like is like a bird in a tree. You stand below, you admire the beauty of the bird, and it’s song. The bird knows you’re there. It sings for you, for the attention if nothing more. You want that bird nestled safely in your hands. Often you think about that moment. Nothing seems finer, greater. Do not grasp for the bird. Do not scare the lovely bird away. You must earn its trust. Remain still and true. Try and coax it to you, but know it is the bird’s decision to leave the branch. Be there, earn its trust, let it flutter down to you of it’s own accord, because that is where it wants to be. Then you’ll know that feeling you dreamt of.

#241 As a philosophy I believe each man exerts free will. The course of his life is a direct consequence of his actions. Do not believe in fate or destiny; nothing is meant to be. It is not God that steers your way through life, but yourself.

The wisdom of H: part 3

I know you’ve been looking for some guidance, well, good news, uncle H is here to help.

#12 Never wear a singlet under a t-shirt.

#19 Avoid the boss’s horny wife.

#77 Philosophy: life is a collection of moments – make the most of them. If it costs a little extra to create a happy memory you’ll have for years to come then it’s money well spent. Better that than to go cheap and have just another wasted moment.

#12o Pride leadeth to a fall, so they say. Sooner trust a proud man though, than a man without any.

#160 Every woman is wired differently. Some women go weak when you kiss their neck or throat, or maybe their ears. For others it’s their nipples, or the inside of their thighs, or inner elbow, or God knows where. There is no one-way to excite a woman, because no two women are the same. Throw out the book. Explore. Half the fun is finding out just what does it for them.

#183 Have principles. Believe in things, people. Struggle for your beliefs. Make them more than words.

#211 There will be times in your life when there will be whispers against you. It is human nature sometimes that words of malice are easier spoken than kind words. My advice: rise above it. If you catch them at it then follow your instincts. Otherwise, stand tall, look straight ahead. You know what you are, who you are, what you stand for. You are better than any who speak against you.

#239 Don’t say anything behind someone’s back you wouldn’t say to their face.

#252 Set yourself standards.

More tips: the wisdom of H, part 2

Wisdom of S............

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I’m a man, and as it becomes very clear these little tidbits of advice are written from a male perspective, sometimes exclusively. Hopefully there are bits and pieces helpful to anyone, regardless of sex, but there are many more particularly addressed to my son when he comes of age (or born, at least):

#13 If you say you’re going to call, then call.

#44 Be true to principles beyond self-interest. Do what is right.

#64 Try to be special. Don’t be afraid of being different. The world is many people; you are just one. Strive to be yourself, strive to make each part of yourself the most it can be. Maybe then you can become more than just another face in the crowd.

#116 Be attentive to her needs, her desires, and you will find the more pleasure you give, the more you receive.

#175 Don’t wear a novelty tie unless you’re the joke. Don’t ever be the joke.

#213 Take your time when playing pool for money. Survey the table, the placement of the balls, the state of the game, the ability of your opponent, and his frame of mind. Though it is important to take your opportunities as they present, think more than one shot ahead. Know that sometimes the snooker is your most valuable ally. Sometimes denying him a shot is as important as making your own. Don’t play to impress, play to win.

#240 Don’t take bribes. Don’t allow yourself to be swayed against your better judgement. You’re not for sale kid.