Back in the saddle

I was out the other night for drinks with a mate and he reckoned that lately I’ve been a bit flat. That’s a fair call. Plenty of reasons for it, but still, it’s not the way you want to be.

Last night I was out. I went to the Cheeses for a wine tasting. Afterwards we had a bottle together and laughed about all sorts of things, including the ever hilarious subject of pubic hair. I left feeling in a good mood. It was dark out, just after 11. I drove off, switching the radio on as I did. I drove the near empty roads for a while leaving any other cars behind and feeling that swell sense of ownership when you’ve got the road to yourself and a throbbing motor beneath your right foot. At the same a succession of old, great tunes came on the radio. I’m a station switcher. If I don’t like a song I switch stations. Last night I surfed the radio bands each time happening across a great song I would pump the volume up for. It’s a grand feeling when you’re on the road like that.

Eventually I hit traffic, but even then it moved briskly. At first I was part of a road train of about 6 cars moving along at about 5 k’s above the speed limit. I was happy to tail along, very unusual for me who always has the urge to get to the front. Traffic turned off left and right until it was just me and another Audi. Then it was pure. He drove well, in control, a managed aggression like I hope to drive myself. Funny sometimes how you can get on the road and find some kinship with another car on the road. More often it’s on those long trips when you sometimes seem to drive in tandem with the other and unknown driver. Sometimes it happens in the smoke though to. So it was last night. He ripped along at about 70 with me close behind. My music played loud, the suburbs went by, somewhere ahead was home.

There was a feeling in that which I had inherited from earlier in the day, and which has carried forward to this morning. regardless of how fucked things are, I’ve got my swagger back. H without a strut isn’t really H. Together with that I’ve got the very familiar desires. They never really quieten down, just that sometimes they slide up to 9 from 7 or 8. Right now I’m swaggering around much like my mate Prospect would recognise, and feeling as if I’m carrying stick of dynamite set to explode. Life, sometimes, is beautifully vibrant.


The Free Dictionary: left definition: of, relating to, situated on, or being the side of the body in which the heart is mostly located.