The drowned world in dreams

I'm not sleeping well lately and I'm waking up tired. I'm dreaming a lot too. Most of the dreams are convoluted and detailed. They consume your mind sleeping and on waking linger disturbingly. You can't quite shake your mind of the strange worlds you have entered no matter how much you look to reality. This is characteristic of poor sleep in my experience, though I don't know what comes first: do I sleep poorly because I dream so much, or do I dream as much as I do because I can't settle into a deep sleep?

The night before last I had a particularly vivid dream. What I can recall still is the dramatic imagery. I am on an international flight out of Australia. We are flying north and are about 6 hours into the flight when I look out the window. To my great surprise we are close to the ground, scarily close. Even more surprising is what I see on the ground. At first I think it is one of the wonders of the world I never heard of before. Below the water is tumultuous, it gushes across the land and falls prettily down sheer drops to rival any of the great waterfalls. As I look I ralise this is not normal. What I am seeing is a city being consumed by a tsunami of raging, rising water. The water is high, near the tops of the sky-scrapers, and as I behold it I think no-one could survive this.

I am stunned. This is beyond comprehension. I am in the air above this, safe, yet there is a sense of peril. Perhaps the low flying plane will tumble into this water? Or perhaps the rushing water will rise up to engulf us too? Then I wonder what it means. If the water has risen so high here where has it done. I look ahead: will we find somewhere to land?

That's how it ends, but it is a troubling dream. Much of it is taken I think from recent events, though a wild extrapolation of them. In there as well I reckon there is a growing dread at the effects of climate change: where will it end? Will it? And what will we be left with?

Beyond all that there is surely something of me in this dream, though I am not expert enough to understand what it is.

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