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Last few weeks, for whatever reason, I’ve missed watching my foot my team play live. A couple of weeks back I was out for drinks and dinner with friends in Carlisle Street while they took on the undefeated Cats. It’s a sign of the times that as we slurped up boutique beers and tucked into high-end pub grub on a cold winters night that both JV and I were tracking our respective teams on iPhone apps.

We won that night, against the odds and all expectation. In the pub restaurant where we sat that was occasion for great joy amid a couple of very dedicated Essendon fans watching the telecast in the next room. I was pleased too, though kicking myself for having missed such a memorable win. The good news was that I had recorded it, and so returned home at some time close to midnight and watched the game from start to finish. It was the best game I’ve seen all year, pulsating and exhilarating as Geelong kept coming and my team kept resisting. In the last minute or so of the game was an electrifying passage of play where the ball was kept alive through a combination of taps and nudges and quick handballs, resulting in one of the most electrifying goals I can remember, and one I’ll never forget. It ranks right up there with the Zaka goal.

Last week I was partying in Thornbury when my team took the field. It was a bad bit of scheduling, though little I could do about it. Normally I’d have been there, shivering in the members area of the MCG as the boys took on Richmond. This was another memorable match. On this occasion we trailed for most of the match before careering away with it. We kicked the last 10 goals to record an easy, but impressive win. I returned home to watch that on the teev also.

Last Friday night I finally caught up with the boys. There were times I felt like switching off, or at least tossing a shoe at the screen, but it turned out to be another great match. This time we trailed by 6 goals at half time playing away in Adelaide. This time we kicked 9 of the last 10 goals to win a tough game. No need to stay up to watch the replay, though it didn’t stop me from turning over to the broadcast of the Tour de France and staying up to all hours.

Next week we play Carlton, and I’ll definitely be there. Should be a crowd in the 80-90,000 vicinity, and it’s half as good as the last game between these two teams – a draw – then it will be a real cracker. Can’t wait.