The Audacity of Tolerance « Scarlet Letters

The Audacity of Tolerance « Scarlet Letters.

After being away etc, I’m catching up on my reading and came across this. I think it’s spot on.

It’s about same sex marriage, and though it’s in a US context it’s very applicable to Oz, and I guess to most backward places who don’t recognise the right of people of the same sex to marry.

As it happens this is a very well written and logical explanation of why any objection to same-sex marriage stems from religious belief; and that there is no rational basis for opposition to it (though I’ve heard some ridiculous doozies). Basically it means if you oppose same-sex marriage then you’re a bigoted hillbilly (ok, that’s my interpretation). That means you Gillard.

There’s nothing I can add to this. The time is right, if not overdue. It will come, it’s just the scaredy cats running the show are afraid to commit themselves politically (yes, you again Gillard).

Read it, and pass it on.