iPad dreams

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So today's iPad 2 day. Like many have been waiting for this day. Like a lot I had every intention of finally joining the iPad in crowd with this release. I was champing at the bit in fact…but, methinks I'll now wait for the iPad 3.

No doubt the iPad 2 is an advance on the original. It's smaller and lighter, and probably cuter for all I know, and has some nice improvements, including the much discussed camera. On balance though, and judging only by what I've read, there's not enough for me to splash my hard earned knowing at some point a much enhanced iPad 3 is going to hit the market.

That's it really. This release seems interim, it's got enough to get the punters excited, but not enough really to justify someone like me – more discerning, a little more tech savvy – to jump in. I want an iPad. I crave an iPad – I already have the apps. I don't need one though, and for all my drooling I'm willing to wait for v3 to fulfill all my iPad dreams.

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