Going retro

I’m starting to look pretty retro. My hair is full, longish, dare I say it, resplendent: I’ve got curls. Speaking of, there’s a curling seventies style mo too, and a bit of chin hair that makes me look more backwoods than high finance, with the glasses – either dark, rectangular horn rimmed, or thin gold framed – adding an intellectual edge to it. Taken all together I look like a throwback to another era, healthy, hirsute, 1970’s Burt Reynolds, sideburns era. I only need a hairy chest and I could pose in the centre pages of Cleo, fig leaf strategically placed, a knowing, mocking smile on my face.

I sort of like it, and it suits me – I get told that all the time. It suits my general attitude also. Take it or leave it, but this look, that hair, is pretty much an outward projection of an independent state of mind. Short is just too constraining for me, there’s no fucking art in it. It’s anal and repressed and conformist, none of which I believe in.

The science of hair like this fascinates me also. There’s a period when you’re growing your hair long that it looks bloody awful. It’s a sort of in-between phase where your hair isn’t long enough to sit right, but too long to look good. I’ve passed through that stage now, and am start to look ok. Having reached this point I figure that I’ve got to go hard so that I don’t chop out the good stuff in my next cut, like I did last one.

I got my hair cut last about a fortnight after returning from KL. My hair was a disaster area my whole time there, partly because it was in that in-between phase, and more probably because Asia just doesn’t like my hair – it goes big, won’t sit. But two weeks back and in Melbourne’s more temperate climate it was looking swell, then snip go the shears. For a couple of weeks it looked ok, then off it goes, like a garden that needs a weed.

I reckon I’ll get a trim, a tidy up, a couple of weeks before Christmas, as long as it doesn’t get too resplendent before then – I go leonine if not tended properly. Long hair, feels good. Every girl knows that, and some boys to.