What to see

Caught some previews the other day for a few of the big movies being released this year. Some looked great, others just meh, and some stupid. 21 Jump Street anyone? Seems to have little reference to the original series, and looks dumb. What I want to see..

Prometheus. Wanted to see this right from the moment I heard about it. Alien and Aliens are two of my favourite movies, and this is the prequel if you like, 30 years after the original. I like Ridley Scott too, particularly his early stuff. He has a striking and distinctive visual style, and makes the sort of movies generally I want to see.

The Bourne Legacy. If we’re talking about great movie series then the Jason Bourne movies are right up there. For non-stop action and adventure they’re hard to beat. The first was the best I think, but the other two pretty good also. No Matt Damon in this one, and so no Jason Bourne. Instead this version features on another Bourne-like operative played by Jeremy Renner. Wasn’t sure of Renner as action hero, but the shorts look great. Definitely on my must watch list.

The Hunger Games. I figure this is a movie on many people’s lists, especially those late teens readers of the original book. I’m no longer in my teens, but I listened to the book and thought it was a great concept well-executed. I enjoyed it, but not sufficiently to read any of the subsequent books. The movie looks ok. I could be completely wrong, but I’m not sure about the casting of the lead character, Katniss Everdeen. In the book she comes across as a resolute and resourceful girl, somewhat independent and verging on the tomboy. It’s a role plenty will have opinions on, but in the short preview I saw she looked more glamorised than I would like, and with a different look. Could be wrong, and it is all subjective.

The House in the Woods. This is here because it looks interesting and different, and because Joss Whedon is behind it. No blockbuster maybe, but interesting all the same. Has Chris Hemsworth in it too, and he has great presence. And he’s Aussie. Coincidentally his younger brother Liam is in The Hunger Games.

Other movies on now I’m yet to catch up with but look forward too are George’s latest, The Descendants, and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy based on the famous John Le Carre novel. Both have good reviews, and my type of film. Doubtless other movies will appear to pique my interest, but – and notwithstanding some disappointed expectations – it seems a more interesting batch of movies than in previous years.