About H

The basic facts that I’m an Australian male, well-travelled, well-read, and reasonably well adjusted. I’m based in Melbourne, and like most Melburnians am passionate about the city I live in. In many ways, I’m quite a typical Melburnian: I love my coffee and will spend good time discussing it; I’m a regular at the many groovy bars tucked away in the nooks, crannies and hidden warrens of the city; I love my sport in general and my footy in particular (guess who I barrack for?), but then like so many here I also love the arts; I love to eat out, and though I avoid the Masterchef thing on principle I am a mad keen, and somewhat accomplished cook – like most of my mates…and so on. I love literature and music and movies; I read the paper daily, surf the net like a friendless geek and will occasionally contribute a few cranky words to an online forum here or there.

The real question is, really, what am I doing here? I often wonder myself.

Everything was black and white when I was growing up

Just when I was starting to learn more than was good for me…

This blog started out as a travel journal for the folks back home to read about my adventures abroad. That was in 2004, and when I returned, I promptly dropped it, job done. To my great surprise, I found I had collected along the way a group of loyal readers who insisted I return to the blank screen and begin typing again. Given a pretty healthy ego and a genuine pleasure in writing and expressing myself, I hopped to it and have been hopping to it ever since.

That I’ve proclaimed my anonymity proudly along the way has been very important. Most of my friends are unaware of this blog, and my family has no idea. My readers are strangers mainly who have found me online somehow. The fact is that despite my occasional megalomaniac traits, I couldn’t possibly have written half of what I have under my own name. Some of it is pure shyness believe it or not: much more is circumspection. If I’m to write this at all, then I committed early to being up-front and honest as much as I could. The ‘first-person raw’ you see above the banner stands as a virtual mission statement for what I write – in many ways, this is my therapist, my confessional, the shoulder I occasionally find myself pouring my soul out to. To do that anonymously is so much easier. And to do it anonymously, given that other people are often involved, is essential. This is my blog, my story, and it is unreasonable to drag other people into this except as cryptic characters in the journey of the enigmatic protagonist of this blog – me.

What more is there to tell? I’m a professional man, getting somewhere towards being self-made (hopefully), intelligent in general, socially and politically engaged in the world around me (and somewhat ambivalent about it on occasion); I’m by turns passionate, outraged and bemused by what I see. I’ve been known to rant long and hard in these pages and occasionally to rave. In between are measured observations and sardonic commentary on the world around me in all its guises: current affairs, the world of the arts, sport, travel, and, of course, my life.

At the end of the day, this is a personal blog. I have lived through some tumultuous times, and most of it is recorded here. I don’t always come up smelling roses, and I’ve copped my share of vitriol as a result – most of which I’ve chosen not to censor. That’s life, and I’m human. I make mistakes, and though I’m an arrogant git, sometimes I try to own up to them. That’s the point of this. Most of my mistakes are related to the heart, or somewhere south of that, or else with that very male failing pride.

One day I hope all this will count for me when hopefully I knock on the pearly gates, and I’m hoping next time if and when as an evolved human being. In the meantime, you get the unexpurgated H, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

5 responses to “About H

  1. Dear Hieronymous

    I’m only writing to wish you good luck in the next difficult stage of your tumultuous life. I’m an occasional follower of yours, mainly because of your way with words, your felicitous style, your perceptive ruminations and the fact that you seem like a good and decent man who deserves better. Just keep your pecker up and don’t let the bastards grind you down. And keep on writing.


    • Hi Trevor, thanks very much for your considerate comments. You can’t understand how much a kind word can do in times of strife. It can be a lonely business, but the simplest act of decency has an immense impact. There are times I feel blessed – not a word I like using – and one of the good things to come from this episode is that I now treasure the simple, good things that once before I might have overlooked. I’ll soldier on Trevor, and things must turn – I’ve come this far – but the knowledge that others are there hoping for me fills my heart. I’ll keep writing Trevor, if you keep reading…


  2. Dear H,
    I enjoyed reading your blog. I wish i could so well in writing blog like you. I agreed with you the fact you stressed out – we are human, nothing need to censor. Looking forward to read more of your blog.


    Liked by 1 person

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