The routine these days is pretty simple. I’m up early and out of the house by 7am. I get the train to Prahran, where I walk to the hospital. I’ll be there for about two hours before the return journey begins. I hope to be on the 10.30 train and home at around 11.

Once home, I fire up the heating and sit in front of my desk to do my allotted hours of work. Unfortunately, that’s where I run into trouble.

It’s hard to adequately describe my almost complete disinterest in work these days. It was different a few months back when I worked fewer hours and was full-on trying to fix a project going off the rails. I grumbled a bit, but I was pretty engaged. It was a decent challenge, and I felt some ownership of the outcome. Finally, though, the project was fully implemented, and outside a few housekeeping issues, we’re in BAU – and it feels so fucking mundane.

I probably felt this before but put it to one side. It was different when we went into the office because there were other distractions and because you would work with others on these things. I still work with others, but the connections are much weaker. And the big thing is that I’ve survived cancer. A lot of things seem a bit pale after that.

The challenge now is to hang in there. It might get a bit more exciting in a month or two when some new projects come online, but until then, I have to push myself. I know this isn’t the long-term answer, but I just need to get through to January for now, which is when my LSL kicks in. All bets are off after that.

There’s a possibility that things might change before then. Both the head of the department and the head of digital have either left or are leaving. No replacements yet. That comes after a new CEO started a few months back. It means that many things could change, and some undoubtedly will.

There may be a new broom going through the place generally, but regardless, you can be sure that the new appointments will have their own agenda and priorities and possibly new direction. What we do, how we do it, and who does it may change. A restructure is possible, but at the very least, I expect there’ll be a review.

Out of this, there’s the possibility that people will choose to leave or be asked to. New management like to put their stamp on things. What that means for me, I’m not sure.

I’ve been around for a while, as has my TL, and that probably makes us a little vulnerable. But maybe all that happens is that we get switched from Marketing to IT. I’m not too concerned. If they want to offer me a package, then I’ll consider it, depending on what the number starts with. Then again, they may be wary of giving the guy with cancer his marching orders. I reckon it will become more apparent by November. They’ll want it sorted by Christmas.

Next week I’m going to Sydney for an AI conference. Given how rampant Covid is, I gave reasonable consideration to pulling out – but it’ll be good to get away, and it might be interesting. It could be good networking also.

While I’m there, I’m catching up with an old workmate I haven’t seen for over ten years. Had we lived in the same city, we’d have become great mates. He’s Swedish and was head of practice when I was in IT Consulting. We’re very alike – independent-minded, like a good time, affable, amiable and hard nosed. He’s married now, has a young daughter, and lives in Coogee, where we’re meeting. It’s where I lived when I was a bub.

Maybe I’ll have a chat with him about work. He was always a great advocate for me and a very generous character. It will be good to have a few beers with him.

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