Be prepared

I don’t know why, but I’m often surprised at how methodical and organised I am. I’m known for it amongst my friends, and I expect it myself. It’s just that it seems contrary to the right brain attributes I have. I can’t complain. It seems a nice balance.

I’m reminded of this by my preparations for hospital tomorrow. I’ve packed my bag and laid out the clothes I’ll be wearing, just to save time at 6.30 tomorrow morning.

I’ve changed my bed, done all my washing and done the shopping necessary for my post-op diet – eggs, milk, yoghurt, and so on. I’ve run the dishwasher, tidied the house and loaded up the recycling bin ready for my neighbour to put it out on Thursday. I’ve charged up all my devices and downloaded extra books to my iPad. I’ve even done the vacuuming.

Basically, I’ve done all the things I need to do to if I want to return to the house and do nothing. That may be the case, and I’m ready for it.

The hospital called me late this afternoon to confirm the details for tomorrow. Surgery should take about an hour, so I should be back in my bed in good old 5 West by lunchtime. It’s not known at this point how long I’ll need to recover – check with the surgeon tomorrow.

Quiet night ahead, including all the necessary fasting. The next time you’ll hear from me is when it’s all done, and I should know then how successful the procedure has been. For now, one last thing: gotta book the Uber for tomorrow morning.

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