A night in the life

I’ve been having some strange, often disturbing dreams, over the last 5-6 weeks. I’ve figured it’s because of the painkillers I’m on. Quite often, I’ve woken up with the creepy residue of the dreams present in me. I haven’t enjoyed it.

Last night’s dream wasn’t as disturbing, but it was unusual.

I’m staying for the night with friends or distant family. The unusual thing is that they’re openly werewolves, and a full moon is due that night. They reassure me that it will be okay, but I wake in the night to prepare myself for what may come.

One of the other guests there is an attractive woman I once might have had a relationship with. Obviously, it didn’t end well because it was frosty between us, without acknowledging anything that came before. Still, I have an underlying feeling for her, and it seems she does for me, despite her outward reserve. There’s a frisson. And on one occasion she comes to ask me a question as a pretence to talk and be with me. I know it, and I suspect she knows that I know.

I wonder who she is? Someone I’ve known or invented for the dream?

There’s an element in the dream very typical of me. When I wake in the middle of the night, my intention is to protect her and myself. But then I spend 10 minutes making up my mind about what to wear. I want to impress her, after all.

I wake up at that point and it’s not so bad. Curious. It’s just on 5.30am. I get up to take a piss, then decide to clear out my nose, which seems blocked with soft mucous – basically snot. (Stop right here if you don’t have the stomach for this kind of stuff. It gets worse.)

I boil a kettle then prepare to flush my nose out with warm saline, as I do 3-4 times a day. At first little of substance is expelled, but I sit on the edge of the bathtub and block my other nostril and try to blow any obstruction out of my right nostril. It takes a couple of minutes, and then suddenly it’s forced loose. Over the next minute, I expel big chunks of soft and hard-dried mucous from my nostril. It feels clear, and I have great hopes that one of the final obstructions might finally have shifted.

This, by the way, is something I do several times a day, every day, and not always as successfully.

I return to bed and sleep. When I wake several hours later, my nose is blocked again and my eye is half-closed from the swelling. I repeat the process in between getting myself a coffee. My head aches though. This will be a hard day. And there’s much more to do.

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