Small mercies

When I lost my hair it went from my cheeks and nothing was growing above my mouth but for a few renegade strands at the left corner of my lip. On my head, the hair thinned and went grey, except for a patch on the right rear of my head where it became very thin. I imagined it was in a direct line of the radiotherapy.

Curiously, my hair seemed to pause in any growth for months. I haven’t had my hair cut for about four months when it was shaved close. For a long time if it grew at all it was fractional. I’m still a month or two away from a cut, even assuming regular growth.

Regrowth on my face started about a month ago. I haven’t shaved since before Christmas, and though it looks odd (I’ve given up on vanity), it’s been curious to watch the spread of regrowth.

So far there is nothing on my right cheek. That will be the last to come back, though when it does ill know that I’m just about recovered. The cheek is still swollen and red. The tumour was on the right sinus, and that’s where the radiotherapy targeted.

On my left cheek, however, there’s a fluffy layer of hair growing again. It extends across my lip so that the moustache is complete, but for the extreme right upper edge of my lip, which abounds the DMZ.

Likewise, there’s some regrowth on the patch on the back of my head, and I think the hair on my head may have started to lengthen.

I complain about going grey, but the strange thing is that where the hair has regrown on my cheek it’s a different colour. I’ve always been a red-bearded type, tending, in recent years, to grey – or, silver. The regrowth is silversmith, but with quite a few dark hairs intermingled – basically, black hairs. I don’t mind it, but worry I’ll have a two-tone beard once everything has regrown – darker above my mouth, grey below it.

It’s too early to make any assessment of the hair on my head. I’m hopeful that as it grows out that it becomes thicker and the grey diminishes. I’m no expert, but it seems a reasonable supposition once all the toxins from chemo and radiotherapy are out of my system, and the cells have repaired themselves.

My hair was one of my best features before. It would be nice to think it may return to something like what it was before.

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