Snakes and ladders

The last few days have been tough after what had been a promising period.

On Friday woke up with my right eye completely closed from swelling. Same again Saturday, Sunday and today. My face has really swelled up and is sensitive to touch, and the congestion in my nose and sinus means that often I must breathe through my mouth, particularly at night.

I don’t think it marks a deterioration in my condition. Rather, I think it’s an unfortunate situation where I’ve picked up an infection, which has aggravated the existing condition. I went to a GP this morning, and he agreed. I’ve now got a script for antibiotics and am hopeful it will be right in a few days. In fact, I have hopes that I’ll be better than ever.

I went to a new GP within walking distance of home. While I was there, he weighed and measured me. So I can say officially that I’m currently 88.3kg and 185cm. I’ve now started to take in small amounts of solid food and reckon I’ll start to put on weight shortly. I don’t want to get any heavier than 93kg, and the return of lost muscle will do that.

I’ll return at another time to describe the complexity of emotion and thought I’m experiencing currently. I’m a calm dude, but the nature of my circumstances make for a certain amount of intellectual and emotional turbulence.

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