A worthy win

I’ve had the Olympics on non-stop this week as I’ve been unpacking my boxes.

I never got into the Rio Olympics. It was a time I was jaded with the Olympic movement – the corruption, the inflated egos, the ridiculous sports, and so on. I hardly recall watching any of it.

Given the state of the world and the continuing threat of Covid, it’s surprising that the Olympics are even going ahead – but then, that’s a testament to the pragmatism of the IOC. I didn’t imagine taking a great interest in it this time, but I’ve been enjoying it greatly.

It helps that Australia is doing well. And the first week is always my favourite – I love the swimming (then cycling and rowing).

There have been some iconic performances, most notably the victory of Titmus over Ledecky in the 400m freestyle. But what has moved me most is the victory of Jess Fox in the C1 final.

She’s acclaimed as the greatest of all time and won medals at London and Rio, though not a gold. She was favourite for the K1 and was the quickest down the course, but heartbreakingly lost it on penalties with her father commentating. Bronze.

Then the C1, the first time it’s been included in the Olympics for women. And she won it in a commanding performance.

So yes, it’s great that she won the gold and we were all thrilled for her. And to see her complete joy was a pleasure. She’s a great competitor.

What I want to commend her for is her beautiful nature. She seems one of those people that everyone is instinctively drawn to. She is luminous. Her eyes have a glow, and she’s forever smiling. She seems a genuinely lovely – good – person with an authentic spirit. And a great family behind her.

I find her inspiring. Such people move me – nit seems, this is what we should aspire to. It’s great to see someone like her triumph. I think we’ll see a lot more of her.

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