Give and take

I have good news and bad news. Since coming off the painkillers on Saturday, the good news is that the searing headaches have gone, at least for the moment. The bad news is that I’m left with the original ailment, which is still very uncomfortable, if not as extreme.

I would like to claim that my theory about the painkillers making things worse has been vindicated; however, I also finished up the treatment plan I was given on Saturday. Reading up on some of that stuff, it’s apparent that a common side-effect of the nasal treatments (an inhalant and an ointment I took with the nasal douche) are headaches.

It seems somewhat curious that a treatment designed to cure or mitigate a condition in which head pain plays such a prominent role should have head pain as a side-effect. I’d cop if it if I thought it might cure the condition, but no one is claiming that short of surgery.

Yesterday was probably the best I’d felt for a couple of months. I had an ‘awareness’, but nothing more than that until the middle of the afternoon. It seems to get worse through the day generally, perhaps as I fatigue. I ended up taking a couple of single tablet doses of common painkillers in the afternoon and evening. That’s the least I’ve taken for about 6 weeks.

I’ve slept well each night, without being woken by the pain. Today, I feel it a bit more though.

Over the last 10 days, I figure the pain I’ve felt has been a combination of the original sinus ailment and the side effects from the medication. Now there’s just the one, which is more moderate and different in nature. The blinding headaches are gone, but I have the strange detail feeling again – pain through the gums and roots of my teeth and a strange, almost nerveless sense in my teeth. Quite unpleasant.

There’s a pressure pain beneath my right eye, a feeling of congestion in my right nasal canal, and occasional shooting pains across my right cheek and forehead, extending to my ear. The nasty taste has gone from my mouth, but my sense of taste is off because my olfactory nerves are impaired. I don’t have much appetite, regardless.

There remains a sense of fogginess, though I’m not as dozy as I was. I guess I feel a bit woolly-headed, which impacts my ability to focus and concentrate. I’ve taken the next couple of days off from work, mostly because of that. I have no interest or curiosity in work, and the very thought of it is negative. I guess I’m listless and unmotivated.

Speaking to the GP this morning, he was unsurprised. He described my head as full of toxins, and I would be lucky to be 50% effective. That would be exacerbated by any painkillers I took.

I’m taking it easy. Yesterday, when I was feeling better, I packed up about 10 boxes ahead of my move. I think that small thing took it out of me. I’m weary today and happy to lounge.

I have to make it to next Wednesday when I have the specialists appointment. I plan to get back to work before then because I have to, though I wonder if I should just take the pressure off altogether and go on leave. The plan is to keep to low doses of painkillers as much as I can. And I have to eat, no matter how disinterested I am.

I’m hoping I’ll have a date with the surgeon set soon after meeting the specialist. The GP suggested it may not be as simple as that without private hospital cover (I have extras). He also suggested that a swift recovery even after surgery was not guaranteed.

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