The virtues of shit cracking

After the disappointment last week with work, things have moved quickly.

As I said I would, I scoped out a bunch of potential new jobs. There’s quite a bit around, actually, and I found about a dozen without going too far. So far, I’ve applied for one and would’ve applied for more but for developments at work.

I was pretty unhappy on Friday when I was told the pay rise and promotion long-mooted now seemed less likely. I caught myself before I swore all together, but something may have slipped out. My disappointment, even my anger, was clear.

In retrospect, I reckon my manager went back to his manager and said, Houston, we’ve got a problem. They may have thought they could get away with low-balling me, but the fact of the matter is that they can’t really do without me – for the next 6 months, at least. I made it pretty clear that I’d be looking elsewhere if I didn’t get something acceptable, and I reckon the message was passed on: H has cracked the shits. Turns out I’ve got more power than I thought – without me, their projects crash.

So what happened next is that a meeting was stuck in my calendar to discuss ‘future plans’. I figured it would be largely a strategic discussion, with some conversation about where I fit into it. Nup, it was all about me.

I’m not sure even now if my manager got it wrong and gave me a bum steer last week, or if in the mad scramble to keep me on board, they reconsidered their position vis a vis me. Whatever, it works out pretty well the same way.

They started out by referencing the ‘promises’ they’d made me before backtracking a little and saying, no, not promises – intentions. Once more, whatever – you either stump up, or you don’t. No commitments were made to me, but it was also made clear to me that everything was in play still – including the product ownership role (which, in my heart of hearts, I’m not sure I want – but would be a feather in my cap considering where I’ve come from).

The uncertainty was because the budgets haven’t been finalised yet, and the re-structure they’re aiming to put in place hasn’t been approved. I could accept that as I’ve been involved in budget discussions and put my case forward.

They couldn’t commit to anything as yet, but the underlying message was that I’d be looked after. I have no idea how well looked after, and as far as I’m concerned, all possibilities are open.

They reckon they’ll get back to me by early next month with a firm offer. Until then, I’ll continue to look at and apply for jobs. Push comes to shove, I’ll take the best offer on the table, more or less. Nothing is certain.

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