Coffee needed

Yesterday was awful. I was grumpy as all hell having to start work again. I actually felt bitter at the thought of returning to the same work and the same issues. I was cynical at the culture and workplace and didn’t want anything to do with it.

Today is much better. It’s always hard returning to work after a break, but I’d never experienced such a violent reaction to it as I did yesterday. Today, the hard edges have been smoothed over. It feels more familiar, and my muscle-memory is returning. I’ll survive.

There has, at least, been some progress with my role, though, as always, I remain sceptical until it happens.

Apparently the request for my pay rise has been escalated further to get a resolution. And, apparently, I should get a call sometime today from the boss outlining an enhanced role for me. He’s already called once, but I couldn’t talk.

Right now, I’ve set it to one side. I’m very keen for it to happen – for something to happen – but the immediate priority is to get over this bump.

To ease the transition, I’ve just placed my bi-monthly order of coffee beans. I get in two 250g packages of beans, each from a different roaster, and trial them over the next couple of months with my morning flat white. Everyone has different coffee tastes, and I like a stronger, richer coffee – more chocolate than citrus generally, though I’ll drink most.

This coffee routine is quite revealing of personality, I think. I know many people who find their brand and stick to it. Me, I like trying new things. I’ll make a note of my favourites and will return to them, but otherwise I’ll keep trying other combos out of curiosity.

In Australia, and particularly Melbourne, the coffee scene is huge and there are heaps of really good artisan coffee roasters out there. I know that many will think it typical Melbourne snobbishness, but I reckon the art of blending and roasting coffee is right up there with the culinary arts. Just I am with the food scene, the more I explore the better I like it.

And it’s great fun. Now that it’s summer, I make a pitcher of cold-brewed coffee every few days and drink as an iced coffee. Hot and cold coffee, all good.

Could be that was my problem yesterday – insufficient coffee to get me started.

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