Gassed up

It’s not yet 9.15 am, and I’ve already been out and back.

It’s a sunny, breezy morning. They say it’ll be 35 degrees today, and it has that feel to it. I was out early because I was restless, and because I need to get something at the shops.

There were a few people out. Perhaps it is like this most days? A woman in a sun-dress had a small dog on a lead. A younger mother wheeling a large pram, and two children in tow led them towards the shops. Another woman, wielding an umbrella like a parasol, walked briskly ahead of me.

For the last week I’ve endured odd symptoms, which is what took me out early to the shops.

The week before last, I was feeling pretty fit, relatively speaking. I’d set myself to improve my shape ahead of the summer holidays, and the results were visible. Then, on the weekend, I went out for a couple of meals and ate well. On Monday I woke up bloated.

That’s not terribly unusual, except I’ve been like that ever since. It was not just a feeling – it was obvious to the eye. My stomach inflated like a basketball. It became round and protruding. Normally, I can put on a t-shirt, and there’s no sign of my gut. Suddenly, it was out and proud. And my legs, particularly my thighs, became bulkier in a hurry.

I wondered if I was retaining water, and at the same time, wondered if it was consistent with a feeling of being bloated. I took antacids and the like but to little effect. My stomach is not as out there as it was, but it’s a long way from flat.

Throughout I’ve suffered the usual symptoms of bloating. Besides feeling lethargic and uncomfortable, I’ve been burping consistently over the last week. There’ve been none of the humungous burps you experience sometimes and think, that’s fixed it. More like a lot of smaller burps, though on my walk Saturday, I suffered for a while from what seemed compulsive, reflex burps.

Not surprisingly, my appetite is diminished, and though I’ve had a couple of decent meals, I’m eating less – not that you’d know it. I was probably drinking less liquid, too, which might be the whole reason for this, I speculated. Was I dehydrated?

I’ll see a doctor before the weeks out if it doesn’t improve, but in the meantime, I was out this morning buying some ‘degassing’ tablets. No idea how effective they are. I’ll guess I’ll find out soon enough. Right now, I don’t think I’ve ever looked so unfit. It feels very foreign to me.

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