Working now

I’m in a fairly typical situation right now. I’m in a meeting, but one in which I’m more of an observer than a participant. I don’t actually know why I was invited, but I’m here, listening to it through the laptop speakers while I go about other things.

So far, I’ve taken a call, responded to a couple of emails, sent some Teams messages, taken a delivery, and made a cup of tea. Now I’m typing away at this post while they continue to rabbit on about things that have no relation to my job.

It represents a bit of a break for me in the normal scheme of things. It’s inconvenient because it keeps me away from the meat of my job, but it’s also a chance to catch my breath. With Christmas not many days away, things are cranking up even more to get things done before we go on a break. That means a lot of meetings sandwiched in between lots of work. In my case, I’m doing about half a dozen things at once.

Not that it will mean much, but these are the jobs I’m working on right now: a return to work app, Facebook integration to live chat, a chatbot client customisation, an online booking tool, sundry smaller projects, as well as my usual job – managing and coordinating the devs. I’ve also got a meeting tomorrow with a vendor pitching an alternative chat solution. And, as of this moment, there are about 7.5 working days until we break – and about 0.5 of that will be in a Christmas do.

It’s okay. It’s full-on, but it’s finite, and the finish line is within reach.

I’ll be in the office again before Christmas and was there last Friday. It was a strange experience. The office was practically empty still, but for our team and a few strays. It was quiet, and the vibe entirely different. I felt a little uplifted just by being there. I think it was the sheer novelty of it – the change of routine amid a routine that hasn’t changed for months.

Officially, we start returning to the office in February. It’ll be scheduled dribs and drabs, for a minimum of one day a week. Once we’re back into some sort of groove, I expect it’ll become more expansive and the schedule set. From all I gather, we’ll be likely required to attend the office two days a week.

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