When the sun’s out…

It feels like a marvellous day today. The sun is out and the sky a brilliant blue. I was out before with Cheeseboy walking our dogs by the beach. We’ve seen every mood of the sea in the last few months, from moody and tempestuous to still and serene. There’s always something to draw you in.

Today the sea had a shimmering stillness to it. It was a darker blue blending into the paler blue of the sky, like a Mondrian painting. Here and there divers dipped and surfaced, and others, on standing boards, paddled the still waters. The sand was golden, and in the distance, the yacht club with yachts at anchor looked splendid. We both stopped at the sight. We could be in the south of France, I said, and Cheeseboy agreed.

Today is a day like hundreds more in memory, perfectly composed end enduring. For some reason, I’m reminded of my childhood mainly, and long, summery days with the sound of mowers humming in the distance and kids playing in the street – though I remember too, days when I was older when I felt as if all of life was ahead of me.

We went for a walk yesterday, as well. Afterwards, I went for lunch at a friends place where we sat in the shade and had a beautiful meal of Kobe barbecued with an Asian dipping sauce, chicken wings, asparagus, corn and home-made flatbread with creme brulee.

Rigby came with me – he’s welcome with this friend, who is a grand cook and a kind soul. The novelty was being out in the car and driving across town to visit someone in their home.

The night before JV joined me for a few glasses of wine and tapas at a wine bar in Hampton street. That was the true novelty. We’d had to book ahead, and to sit down for the first time in months and be waited on was a great pleasure. Tomorrow, we’re talking about going to a pub for a counter-meal and to watch the Melbourne Cup races on the big screen, just for fun.

And Friday I visited Southland for an eye-test. It’d been ages since I’d been to a mall, and I was surprised it wasn’t busier. A few shops were closed, and at others, long queues were waiting to get in because of social distancing restrictions. I avoided those shops.

It feels now as if summer is coming and a new world opening up. Strange to see what’s happening in the northern hemisphere in parallel to this. England is locking down for a month (sure, right), while we’re heading towards the promise of elimination and holidays at the beach. Cases are through the roof in Europe and the US and thousands dying, while we have it under control (touch wood).

We’ve been lucky, no doubt, but we’ve worked hard for our luck. I don’t know what next year holds, but after yesterday – when my friend agreed to look after Rigby after Christmas – I’m looking for a few days down Wye River with the Cheeses before the year is out.

When life is good, it’s really good here. Australia!

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