The Bond of my youth

The news came yesterday that Sean Connery had died at 90. It was sad news for much of the world, and certainly for me.

Without having to think about it too much, I’d have to say that Sean Connery is my favourite actor of all time – as much for the man he was as the movies he made.

I grew up on the James Bond movies, and Sean Connery was always the best of them. He became a bit of a style icon for me because I wanted to be just like him. He even had the sort of handsomeness that appealed to me, a heterosexual male – hard-edged, rather than pretty.

Connery had an aura that went beyond his screen performances, though in some ways 007 epitomised a lot of that. He combined great masculinity with wit and charm. He was capable and confident and never flustered. It was the model of a man I aspired to be.

James Bond appeals to many men, especially when they’re at that impressionable age. I only ever felt that myself with Connery, though. It was the man that drew me. There seemed an edge of danger to him, even violence, cloaked within an ever-stylish and attractive exterior. It made him interesting and hinted at an inner-substance – the real man playing a part on the screen, but knowingly.

On-screen he was always charismatic, off-screen he could be gruff and gave the impression that he didn’t much care what anyone thought of him. He had his own mind and his own views and went his own way. In the old parlance, he was his own man, which is what every man (and woman!) should aspire too.

The funny thing is, the day before I downloaded one of his mid-career movies, Outland, which I think is pretty underrated. Then I heard that he had passed away and it felt poignant.

Year by year, a bit more of what I knew is chipped away.

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