As it was, it will be

I’ve just returned from my daily walk to the local shopping strip. It’s a lovely sunny, warm day, and the occasion of me wearing shorts out for the first time since March or April.

It was lively up the shops, so much so that it felt a bit like an old fashioned Saturday morning. Most people are home these days, but at the same time, most venture out only cautiously. I imagine it’s the sunshine that’s drawn them out, and the proximity of a sunny weekend in prospect – time to stock-up on barbecue ingredients.

As I walked towards the greengrocer it made me feel wistful remembering this is how it was once. Like so many things now, you return to what was familiar with a new appreciation.

There was hustle and bustle as the sun beamed down. Some, in exercise gear, walked or ran the streets. There was the usual bevy of dog walkers. The sausage sizzle wasn’t happening outside the butcher’s, as it will on a Saturday, but a few doors the seafood shop was selling cones of squid.

In about a half-hour I’m joining JV for lunch. He’s my bubble buddy, so it’s perfectly allowed. He’s picking me up and we’re going to Black Rock where we’ll get some takeaway and sit on the foreshore enjoying it. This will be the first time for months that I’ve enjoyed a social meal out, though it’s still pretty tightly restricted.

I’m encouraged and hopeful. The sun is out, so are my neighbours, and I’ll be doing something soon not dissimilar to what I used to when I took it for granted. Summer is coming, and so are better times.

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