In lockdown again

I had a dream last night that I usually would dissect. It seemed loaded with meaning and symbolism, but now that we’re heading into lockdown again what’s the point of dreams?

It was not surprising, but disappointing all the same, to get the news yesterday that we were returning to stage 3 lockdown for the next six weeks. That means to stay at home, limited interactions, no sit service at restaurants or cafes, and so on. The rest of Australia has closed its borders to us, and the infection rate is going through the roof.

I actually feel relatively state in my neck of the woods. There’s only one current confirmed case of COVID-19 in Bayside, and everyone here is pretty sensible. It’s pretty scary what’s happening on the other side of town, though. I get why we’re in lockdown, and I support it, but I don’t have to like it.

One of my frustrations is that I was planning to have a short holiday this month. Firstly I was going to visit a mate in Sydney, then another in Mullumbimby. That was scheduled for next week but got pulled when it was clear that Victorians weren’t welcome. Then the borders closed anyway. So, I thought, let’s go somewhere local. I figured I’d find a B&B somewhere down the beach or in the bush where I could take Rigby. I planned to do that the last week of the month and actually took my car in to be fixed so I could do that.

I picked up the car yesterday, just as the news came through that we were locking down. Scratch that holiday. On the way home, I dropped by the Cheeses on the basis that I didn’t know when I’d see them again. It’s all a bit of a blow, and worse the second time around.

My manager took a day off last week, and today he told me it’s because he was struggling mentally. I figure there’s a lot of that. I have my ups and downs, but nothing serious. By now, I know that I’ll endure anything. But again, it doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it.

Day to day I manage fine, more or less, but it gets tedious over a period. I yearn for some spontaneity. Some excitement – though there was an episode the other day worth recounting. I’ll do that another time.

Right now, plans have been cancelled for catch-ups and dinners. I don’t know when I’ll get out again. I don’t even know how this outbreak is going to play out. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see similar outbreaks across the country before too long. Everyone is pointing their finger at Victoria, but I think it’s the nature of the virus. We haven’t beaten it, just held it at bay. I think there’s a long way to go, and a few more twists in store.

Even now, I think this is bigger than what people believe. It’s human nature to seek closure, but I think we’ve rushed to do that, and often times in defiance of the evidence. We’ve managed it better here than most places, and the damage has been mitigated thus far – certainly in comparison to the catastrophic parts of the world. They’re heading for more pain. For us, unless we’re careful, the risk of that remains.

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