Staggering to the line

I’ve had busier Christmas seasons, but this one has been pretty busy all the same. Had the big (and boring) corporate Christmas party at the Hyatt, and a more intimate team event at Captain Baxter down by the beach on a fine, sunny day. Our smaller team had drinks at the Arbory one night, and we’re doing lunch again today.

There’s been Sinterklaas, always decadent, as well as a pleasant day having lunch at the Portsea Pub. On Wednesday night there were drinks with Cheeseboy, and tonight Donna and I are catching up for our traditional Christmas dinner (and JV looks like tagging along).

On Sunday I’m catching up with the kids, and tomorrow probably with JV again. I’ve probably missed something in there, but the upshot of all that is that I’m pretty buggered.

There’s a combination of things that lead to that. Work has been full-on, though getting a lot done. Then there’s been the social stuff, which is not just the late nights, but the indulgence. There’s been a lot of cocktails over the period, a lot of beer and wine, and a lot more food than I’d usually consume. I’d kept it pretty tidy up to about a week ago, but right now I feel overstuffed and weary and wishing I didn’t have to go out to lunch (to a pub of all things, so heavy pub fare on the menu – chicken parma, steak, a burger, etc.).

What doesn’t help is the weather. It doesn’t take much for my home to heat up and even on moderate days, I’ll often have the aircon on to cool my bedroom. Then on Wednesday,  we had a 41 degree day; today it’s 44 degrees.

It used to be that December was the most temperate of the summer months. You’d get the odd day in the thirties, but that’d be it. I barely rarely remember a forty degree day in December, and now we’ve had two.

Weather is a big subject everywhere these days, but particularly Australia. I was listening to people early in the month complaining about the mild weather, and I was thinking, just wait, you’ll be complaining about the heat soon enough. Be careful what you wish for.

The funny thing is that it’s either very hot or quite mild this December. I don’t know if we’ve had a temperature between 26 and 39. That’s quite a gap, even if very Melbourne.

Days like today, I think about all the critters out there who don’t have the benefit of air-conditioning. Rigby’s inside today in the aircon, but there are many who aren’t. I left a bucket full of water in the backyard for the birds and creatures to get a drink and keep cool. Me, I’ll just stay within the air-conditioned confines all day – until I have to venture out later to meet the guys.

I’m busy tying up loose ends and clearing the decks as much as possible before going on leave. Busy, but productive. I hope to head off at about 4pm.

Famous last words: not planning a big one.

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