On the couch

Working from home today, mostly just because I needed a break from the office.

It’s a bit of a mixed bag working from home. I went out and had a cooked breakfast earlier, and in the background, I’ve got the President’s Cup telecast on (the course is about ten minutes from where I live). Generally, I’m productive from home also. There aren’t the distractions of the office, nor the noise and bustle. You can focus on the things that need to get done rather than dissipating your energy in multiple directions.

In general terms, it suits my role also. I coordinate an offshore team, so it doesn’t matter where I am as long as I’m online. And the main dev in the office I would normally work with is working from home today also, so, ditto.

I sit in the corner with the laptop on the coffee table, and I’m coordinating and directing different people in different locations, pulling strings and setting priorities and, when needed, clearing the way. I’m checking out dev-ops boards and communicating via Teams mostly, and sometimes email, and not long from now I might actually make a call also.

You get in a groove. By now I’ve been working at this job long enough that it comes pretty naturally anyway, but there are times when you hit that zone, and everything feels at your fingertips.

Like I said, I needed to be out of the office. After today, there are six working days to go until I’m on holiday, and I reckon I’ll stumble over the line. It’s been full-on for a while, and while generally, I enjoy that, there have been some less savoury aspects lately, and generally I need a freshen up, anyway.

I’m catching up with someone over Christmas who’s offered to give me some free coaching (because she fancies me, I think). Things are on an upward trend, but they still have to be managed. I have to find what’s right for me, and a part of that means acknowledging there’s an underground river of sorrow flowing through me. It doesn’t affect my work, but it affects my relationship to it. I want to be happy and free.

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