The corrupt leading the blind

The UK election is on in a couple of days and I, for one, am hoping for some resolution to come out of it. I think everyone’s sick of Brexit.

My perspective from afar is very different from what it would be if I were a resident of England. I’m sure I’d be just as sick of Brexit, but my stake would be much more personal.

I think the whole concept of Brexit is insane. It’s crazy to have even contemplated it as an option, to actually vote for it beggars belief (though the days of me being surprised by election results are on the wane). I think by voting for it that Britain has condemned itself to a second-rate future, and as a resident, I would be desperate to get that overturned by any means possible.

I understand their pain, but from where I sit, my perspective is more measured. For a start, I think what the UK needs above all else is a resolution to an ongoing crisis that is crippling the country. This state of indecision and inaction I reckon is probably worse than Brexit itself. You can’t move forward without certainty, and even if that means Brexit, then you can plan around it.

The more fundamental issue is democratic. I wonder at the rightness of overturning the majority decision of the people, regardless of argument. If more had have turned out to vote in the 2016 US election, then odds on the Democrats would have won – but they didn’t. I’m sure many in Australia now regret having voted the Libs back in, but that’s not enough to justify another election. Fact is, probably 50% of election results will be disagreeable to you, but that’s what democracy is.

In this case, I think there would be fighting on the streets if, for some reason, a second referendum was called.

The choice of options is awful. From afar, it appears a classic no-win scenario. If I were that resident in England, I’d be checking out my options to emigrate somewhere more friendly. In the meantime, the election is a contest between deplorable options.

As someone against Brexit, I don’t have a clear option as the opposition to it is fragmented and disorganised. Corbyn represents only a second look at it, but he seems virtually unelectable to me. The rest is dribs and drabs.

Historically, I’d be more likely to vote for the Libs in Australia than I would the Tories in the UK. But then you’ve got Boris Johnson, the strangely charming buffoon they have for PM, a man, I suspect, without any true convictions or principles. He’s not an anonymous Tory stooge, he’s an opportunist writ large.

This is what the English voters face. I expect the Conservatives to win pretty handily, and I think that will almost assure Brexit getting across the line sooner rather than later – finally, though I can’t rule out another twist.

If that happens and I’m a Scotsman, then I’m agitating to leave the Union quick smart. Brexit has been a disaster all round and may see the dismantling of the UK as we know it.

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