Getting the job

About five minutes after I sat down at my desk this morning, the guy who interviewed me for the digital job walks in looking lost. I watch him, knowing that he’s searching for my manager to talk about me. Our eyes catch, and we nod, then he discovers my manager and closes the door behind him.

I knew this was coming, but it sat poorly in my stomach. I could hear her voice, if not the words. I didn’t much care what she said about me, what I hated was that someone so poorly suited to it was to stand in judgment of me.

I spoke to the Digital manager last week after I had the interview. He came down to see me, and we found an empty office to talk. He told me he was leaving in a month. He said that he had recommended me for the job, but it wasn’t his decision. He asked me how the interview had gone, and I scoffed at the idea of an ‘interview’ and expressed my reservations about the differing personalities. That’s good, isn’t it? He said. I couldn’t see what he meant until he expanded further, indicating without actually saying so that they – the powers that be – were aware of the contrast and that it might work in my favour. The inference was that, after a period, I might be placed in the top job.

That put a different spin on things. I was unexcited by the role, but it would be hard to turn down if there was a clear career path leading from it.

In the meantime, I interviewed for the other role on Friday. It still interests me much more. It may not pay as much initially, but I get training and certification in Intelligent Automation out of it. I find it pretty interesting, as well as compatible with my experience, and certification like that will open doors elsewhere as I get older. It’s a good investment, and in 12 months they plan for a Centre of Excellence which will create further opportunities. The interview went well.

I may get offered neither role, but I’ve decided – in principle – to accept whichever of the jobs is offered to me first (contingent on salary). I should hear back about the IA job by Wednesday. The digital job may be sooner.

You might think this activity would please me. It doesn’t. I hate the phoniness attached to the process. I just want to be me and do the job.

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