Same shit

I’ve been back at work short of a week and while it hasn’t been that bad nothing really has changed. I’m almost certain I’ve never worked for a less competent organisation than this. Even the simple things they manage to fuck up.

An example of that is an event they held last Friday night for more senior staff to celebrate an event. These happen occasionally and I generally attend, though often they’re pretty dull affairs. On this occasion I had no idea of the event until about 4.30 on Friday when a colleague on the other side of the building called me to see if I was going. What’re you talking about? I asked. He answered as if I should already know all about it, but I’d not heard a thing.

I went and had a chat with the organiser, a lovely woman I often share a laugh with. She told me she’d been delegated the task by my manager. She’d sent out the invitations excluding me, and others, upon instruction. She’d got some feedback and been forced to invite some of the others that had missed out, and had actually made the point of asking my manager if I should be included, along with my offsider. The answer she received was a strong no.

In effect this meant that my counterparts in other areas were invited, but we were left out without explanation. Now, I wouldn’t have attended anyway, but this is really poor, though typical of the place. It’s woeful management and I intend to bring it up in my next meeting with my manager. As it turns out my offsider had felt similarly aggrieved.

This sort of episode makes me shake my head, but I don’t take it personally. I don’t really care at that level. It riles me from a professional point of view though. Get it right! It’s not as if this was particularly challenging.

Otherwise there’s a bit of action stirring with recruiters. The digital manager here gave me a list of people to contact and they’ve been receptive – nothing’s better than a qualified referral. Let’s see what happens.

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