Back to the drudge

Back at work as of yesterday and while it was something I dreaded it wasn’t as bad as I feared. I was back in my groove pretty quickly and driven on to make sure nothing had been fucked up in my absence, and that no-one had tried to interfere with my stuff.

Second day back and the novelty has worn off, but it’s okay still and tomorrow in any case is another public holiday. I’ll be sitting there watching the big Anzac day clash sipping on a bottle of wine with a friend and chewing on home-made pork pot-stickers.

There’s very little to report on from the work perspective, which is both good and bad. Good in the sense that nothing was fucked up; bad in the sense that it would be nice if something new and interesting occasionally occurred.

I was back in the saddle and in control pretty quickly. After that I caught up with a few people and had informal meetings. One of those was with the marketing director who sat down with me and mapped out a list of people I should contact regarding job opportunities elsewhere. I’ve already started on that.

This was one of the disappointing aspects of my time off. I’d hope to get some real traction in the job search and instead got a lot of wheel spin. There seemed little about relevant to me, and while I had a few conversations nothing much of substance came out of it. I returned to work with only one iron in the fire, and that not particularly encouraging with the NBN.

These days it’s all about contacts and networking. I used to have a bunch of good contacts and a great network. Over the years many of those have moved on and my time in the wilderness was fatal for quite a few of those relationships. I’m reliant on the support of others, which is why the leg-up yesterday was so valuable.

I’m off to a networking function next week and hope to be meeting up with some of these contacts for a coffee and a discussion about how we can do business together.

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