At 82, Glenda Jackson Commands the Most Powerful Role in Theater – The New York Times

I wanted to comment on this. Not only is it a very good profile piece it’s on one of the actors I grew up following. Even as a boy I was drawn to this sort of feminine personality – strong, intelligent, articulate, somewhat irascible. I guess I’m drawn to anyone who is completely themself, as Jackson always has been.

Listening to her in this was fascinating, and I found myself echoing many of her sentiments in my thoughts. To me they seem familiar and true.

One last thing. Referenced throughout is Shakespeare, and Jackson’s role as King Lear. Her commentary on his writing drew me close. I was in general agreement, though she voiced opinions I’d not formulated for myself. More specifically, her words gave substance to some of the themes of what I’m currently writing. It was reassuring.

Anyway, read this, and check her out.

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