To Sydney and back

I visited Sydney last week for work. On the way there I was stuck on the tarmac in Melbourne and delayed for 45 minutes, and on the way back a delayed arrival meant we lifted off 55 minutes late. In between, it was all a rush.

I was there to meet with vendors developing the chat bot I’ve been instrumental in creating. They have the technology, but what it says and how it works – as well as some of the software tweaks I’ve requested – make it my baby. Till now it’s been frustrating dealing with them remotely – from Melbourne to Sydney to Bhopal – and it was thought to get us all in the same room would simplify communication and enable some decent brainstorming. That proved to be the case and, despite some hiccups, I left Thursday evening with some good progress.

They took me out for lunch on Wednesday. I went with the owner of the company and had an expensive steak and a bottle of red while we discussed the work we were doing as well as sharing some of our respective backgrounds.

That evening I caught up with my oldest friend. We went to school together for a couple of years at Turramurra High School and have been close ever since despite being vastly different characters.

After I checked into the Hilton and changed my clothes we went downstairs and had a beer at the Marble Bar. We then walked to Circular Quay where we had dinner at a rustic Italian restaurant. It was nice, the food old-fashioned, as was the service. At a table one over an elderly American couple held hands across the table as they ate their Tiramisu. On the upright piano, a woman in her early sixties played gentle tunes the whole night long. I imagined her as a part-time worker somewhere who did this as a second gig for love as much as for money. She wore brushed velvet concentrating on the keys she tinkled for such old tunes like It’s Not For Me To Say.

We had an ice-cream later and then I returned to my hotel.

I lay on my soft bed and read a while but I was very tired and switched the light off a little after ten. I had a sleep full of dreams I couldn’t remember when I woke. It was a good, long sleep but I got up from bed feeling bone tired still. I didn’t have to be in at the office until 9.30 so had a leisurely breakfast in the hotel bistro.

I sat by the window and looked across at the grand sandstone edifice of the Queen Victoria building. In the road below workmen idled by working on the controversial new light rail network, digging up the road and laying tracks. It’s been much delayed and dogged by problems, and as an outsider visiting has had a disastrous impact on the city. I was amazed to see so much disruptive roadwork – it seemed half the CBD was under construction.

I was tired as I worked that day, but it was productive. At the end of the day, I made my way to the airport where I found my flight had already been declared delayed. I bought myself a beer for solace and followed up on some messages. A few minutes later the phone rang from a recruiter I’d replied to. He had a couple of consulting jobs I might be interested in. Was I? There’s a question for the ages, and the answer, despite all my reservations, must be yes.

I can’t say no because it’s a possibility I’m being offered. I need the money too – an extra $50K – and want to get away from my current role. It’s consulting though, which I think I’m over, not that I really think I’m a show of getting either – though, as always, the recruiter was very keen.

I walked in the door of home that night just before 9.30. I was dead tired, and my mood wasn’t helped by a cab driver who’d driven slowly and cautiously all the way home, notwithstanding the one occasion he turned left into the right-hand lane at Marine Parade. I was in bed with the light off 15 minutes after getting home. Getting old. At least I had Rigby there to comfort me.

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