The merry go-round

I don’t want to talk about work, but so much is happening that I must.

I hopped along to the interview on Monday feeling a tad sour because I didn’t want to be there. I’m sure it showed for the first 15-20 minutes, but then I got interested, as predicted. The job sounded interesting and not as full on as I thought it would. It’s a big organisation too and – this counts for me – housed in a great piece of architecture. Somehow I had presumed that the guy interviewing me would be a stuffed shirt, but he turned out to be a younger than I expected, a personable, humble guy, clearly switched on and interested in my take on a lot of the challenges he’s encountering.

What he was particularly interested in was my consulting and stakeholder management experience, and how I managed to influence change in that capacity. That’s his challenge, but he has a team of technocrats good at the technical stuff but with no aptitude at selling it.

I walked away more enthused than I went into it and with an open mind. The money is good which makes a big difference. I doubt it will happen but should have an indication by end of week.

Then here at work I’m flat out, including having to present at an ‘expo’ showcasing all the developments coming through the business. There were a bunch of us in the room and me in the corner with my laptop doing my bit. I didn’t know about this until the Friday before, but given my name was on the banner clearly it was something organised prior to that.

I did my spiel feeling parched by the end of the session. ‘Customers’ came through at regular intervals an in big batches, like Chinese tourists infesting a souvenir shop from the tourist bus outside.

I returned from my stint and an hour or two later a job was advertised internally which had me cocking an eye at. Business Transformation Lead was the job title. Within a few minutes my phone was ringing. A mate on the other side of the building asked if that was my job. He seemed to think that’s effectively what I’m doing now and basically it was mine to be had. Then my offsider said just about the identical thing.

I was very curious about the mechanics of the whole thing. The job hadn’t been mooted to me, though I’d stood beside the Ops Manager at the expo. On top of that the job is very similar to that I espoused a few weeks back and had ultimately rejected. What did this mean now?

I wondered if I was being set-up for this. I’m in the good books right because of my work. It’ll pass, but just for the moment, there’s a decent crowd who think I’m some kind of wunderkinder thanks to my recent work. On top of that, there’s a good argument that I was asked to do the expo in order to expose me to a bigger crowd. The Sales Manager, who did a presentation of his own, whispered to me that this was a great opportunity. So maybe it wasn’t an accident.

I’ve had my fingers burnt before, so while I’m willing to believe that I’m a good show for this – perfect if my experience and CV count for anything, I don’t take anything for granted. I’ll put my name forward, but if I don’t get it I’d feel very pissed off – so pissed off I don’t think I could continue here.

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