I have no news on what may become a potential new role except I have some more detail on what it might encapsulate, and I know the likelihood of it has diminished a little since I last wrote.

First, the good news. If it happens as it’s supposed to then it represents a $50-$60K pay rise. I don’t expect it to go so smoothly. Assuming it does happen I would presume that the role is modified from the concept, which may entail a change in responsibilities, but also a change in pay. Secondly, I think they might hesitate at such a significant pay rise and look to water it down on principle – that’s the sort of place this is. There’ll be a decent pay rise regardless – if it happens.

The chances of it happening have been reduced a little as one of the key projects that would be a part of my portfolio looks like it might be pulled. If it goes on there’s a possibility that the cost of it will shift to the same cost centre my pay would come out of, further challenging the budget. Is there value in my role without this? And if it goes on but paid out of the same ledger can they afford me? (Can they afford not to have me is an equally pertinent question – no-one knows it as I do).

I might add that I now know I have the complete confidence of the Digital Marketing team. They want ME. I think they see me as a potential bargain pick-up, problem is they won’t be paying my wage.

Come Monday I’ll be arguing in favour of this project and suggesting a means of financing it if the nominal partner for it drops out. I think it’s a good argument and the chances of saving something around 50-50.

No point worrying on it. Inshallah.

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