Assuming the best

So as I was asked I submitted a PD for the new role I was proposing for myself to the department head on Thursday. They had an offsite on Friday and I didn’t expect any immediate feedback, and in my mind thought if and when I got a response it would likely be some abbreviated version of what I was suggesting.

On Friday I popped upstairs to catch up with one of the guys in the digital team about something we’ve been working on together. He wasn’t there but his boss, the Digital Marketing manager, was.

“How you going, big fella?” he said to me. I responded in kind and we chatted for a couple of minutes before he suggested we adjourn to a meeting room for a private chat. He gathered up some papers and led the way.

In the meeting room he told me that a re-structure had been agreed to, very hush-hush, no-one knew anything about it yet, not even my boss, don’t say a word. He then proceeded to explain to me, spreading out an org chart for me to see.

In the re-structure the current digital team is split out into two, but augmented by a couple of new roles, one responsible for the Sales department, and the other Ops. These roles would be situated within the digital team and be responsible for the digital/social media and selected IT requirements of those departments, and reporting into them still. Salaries would be covered by the originating department.

Looking at it I thought how amazingly opportune – which doubtless isn’t coincidental. The other thing I thought is that I should be a shoo-in for the Ops role assuming it goes ahead – essentially it’s what I’m doing now, there are no other candidates internally, and I’m the man who has just proposed a role virtually identical to this. If not me, then who?

On the face of it, very encouraging, however I can’t believe it until it happens. I assume the re-structure will go ahead, but can’t be certain. I assume the head of Ops will agree to the arrangement, but can’t be certain. I assume he’ll nominate me for that role, and I’m almost certain. And assuming all of that transpires, I assume I’ll be paid a digital marketing salary, but of that I’m full of doubt. Should happen, but my fear is that they’ll find another way to stiff me.

All of this I have to wait and see on. Clearly I’m the man the Digital Marketing manager wants otherwise he wouldn’t have taken me into his confidence, but it’s not his decision. One way or another I should know soon-ish. When I asked the time frame for this I was told by the end of the month.

You know how it is, I don’t want to count my chickens or get too hopeful, but this time I assume it might actually happen.

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