The James curse

I want to make the point that LeBron James is making a big bid towards being the clear GOAT, and that you’ve got feel for someone who has such a mighty heart, and such a poor team around him.

Against expectations, the Cavs made it to the final against the Warriors. Both semis went the full seven games, and it was LeBron who just about single-handedly won it against the Celtics to make the final.

The first final was today. I followed it early and then lost track of it as work built up around me. I went to lunch for once in my life decided to sit down to eat it. Most days, I don’t have any lunch – a habit formed out of poverty – or if I do, it’s something I pick up and eat along the way. Today I wandered into a sparsely populated mall, saw some food that looked appetising, and on the spur of the moment chose to eat in (as it happens it was a Thai meal that was so bad I left it unfinished).

So anyway I’m sitting there picking at my food, and I decide to check on the scores. It’s inside the last 5 minutes, and the Warriors lead 100-94. I don’t have the NBA pass, and so I’m relying on the score updates on the app, and glued to them as the Cavs create a few turnovers, LBJ scores, and they draw level, then ahead. It looks like they may actually win and I’m up for that – who likes the Warriors? – and besides, I’m rooting for LeBron. Much man-love there.

Then the Warriors draw level with 30 odd seconds on the clock, then draw a point ahead. I don’t know where the clock is at, I don’t know what’s happening on the court until it updates with 4 seconds left with the Cavs down by one and at the line for two free-throws. Spot these, and they’ll be odds on.

I’m waiting, waiting, hitting refresh, then see the scores level as the first-free throw goes down. Again I’m waiting, waiting and then it refreshes with the news the second free-throw was missed, but there was an offensive rebound.

And I’m thinking fuck, if only it had gone down but I’m waiting for the update thinking maybe the Cavs got fouled on the rebound or got a shot away but when the update comes through the scores are level, and it’s FT.

I get up then. I know, I just know that the Warriors will cruise it through OT, and that’s what happens, and my heart breaks for LeBron. What more can he fucking do? He’s carrying a whole fucking team and scored near enough half their fucking points. Give him a break someone. It’s his curse to be a truly great player with mediocre teammates around him.

I can’t see the Cavs winning the championship now, but if they do it’s all down to James and he can be truly called the greatest of all time then.

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