One down…

The first of my two projects went live yesterday. It was a bit frantic leading up to it, but in the end, it went off without a hitch and right on time. Feedback has been positive, and overall there’s a sense of relief that it’s done and we can move onto other things.

The other thing is another project which is fraught with technical complexity. My end of it is under control, but we’re dependent on others, and that’s where the complexity and the potential difficulties lie. There’s still some uncertainty – we’re due to go live tomorrow, but that depends on something happening this afternoon (out of my hands).

From my point of view, I want to get hands and eyes on before committing to switching it on – it’s a chatbot. I’ve seen it in pre-prod, played with it a bit there, but really want to get hands-on the production version. There’s nothing more I can do but that. Everything is else is ready, and worst-case scenario at this point is that we have a limited launch – which is fine.

Overall, considering the challenges, am feeling fine. I enjoy being in the thick of it and realise how much I’ve missed it.

As I’ve said before, it’s when I feel at my best. I’m organised, I consider every eventuality and plan for contingency, but come the moment what I’m best at is dealing with the random issues that need to be assessed and dealt with quickly and definitely. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve missed my vocation – I’m good at the thing a lot of people are poor at because the stress of the moment elevates me. I find clarity.

Anyway, that’s now. Doubtless, there will be ongoing maintenance for both projects in the weeks ahead, but otherwise, there are no real projects upcoming, so – back to dull normality.

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