Too busy to post

I haven’t posted much lately because I’ve been full-on with work. As it happens, I’m neck-deep in a couple of projects which are due to go-live next week. I’m pretty much the lead on most, so I’m busy ticking things off or sorting out problems or organising for things to be done and asking questions and generally racing one particular set of circumstances and another very different set of circumstances.

It’s challenging, not the least because you’re multi-tasking all the time and need to keep separate and organised in your mind the specifics of the different projects, including where you’re at and what needs to come next.
I find it invigorating. That’s what I work for. One of the reasons, anyway. I love being tested. I challenge myself to keep on top and not just manage it, but deliver a superior outcome.

So, I’ll write more when I have time, but expect it to be full-on for another week.

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