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A few weeks back I signed up to get some allergy/intolerance testing done. I’ve long suspected I might have acquired an intolerance in recent times. For much of the last year, my nasal passages have been intermittently clogged, particularly come bedtime. The doctor supposed it might be an allergic reaction, but took it no further than that. For me, it’s an inconvenience, but I don’t like to be subject to it without any say in the matter. So I sent off some genetic material and waited for a response.

I got the results last week. The good news is that there’s not a huge bunch of stuff I’m intolerant too, and most are easily managed. The bad news is that there was one item on the list which made much sense in retrospect, but which potentially will have a big impact on my lifestyle.

It turns out – according to this – that I’m intolerant to ground wheat. Whole wheat is fine. Gluten is fine. Ground wheat – basically flour – is not fine. And one of the symptoms of ground wheat intolerance is nasal congestion.

I have a pretty robust diet. Though I’ve introduced a lot more veggies and healthy food into my diet in recent years, I also greatly enjoy the broad, traditional food groups. I love my meat. I have a sweet tooth. I have a thing for dairy, particularly cheese. And I love bread, pasta, pastries, and most of the combinations thereof: hamburgers, pizza, Danish, meat pies, and so on. These are comfort foods for me and it’s rare, particularly, that I won’t eat pasta at least once a week. Now all of that is at threat.

My first reaction was exasperation. Here I am on the back of FLS cutting back drastically on sugar and alcohol and generally eating more veggies and grains. On top of that, I’m now not allowed flour and other ground wheat products.

I’m definitely not happy, but it’s a challenge too. I plan to do as they suggest and cut out flour altogether for the next two months and see what effect that has. Hopefully, it means the congestion in my nasal passages will clear. Then, depending on the outcome might re-introduce elements on a very occasional basis – pasta once a month say, the occasional pizza or hamburger. In the meantime, I’m investigating alternative options. I bought some spelt bread the other day which was chewy fresh, but fine toasted. I bought some spelt pasta and might see if I can source some spelt pizza bases. And there must be other options.

The other thing I plan is to visit my doctor – my old doctor, who I loved but who works miles from home, rather than the more recent doctor. I need to verify these results and ideally get some expert guidance.

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