The open door

A few weeks ago, I sent a message to my step-sister via Facebook after I discovered she was ‘following’ me. As we hadn’t spoken for 5 years, it was a significant gesture.

I didn’t say much. I wanted to keep it simple and not presume too much. I hoped she was well and made mention that given the years passed perhaps it was time to speak again – if she agreed, then she knew where to find me.

I know she read the message, but I haven’t heard from her. I’m a little disappointed because I was genuinely curious, but I wouldn’t say I’m upset. I find it ironic in its own way, and gently amusing because of it.

I wouldn’t rule out hearing from her sometime in the future. I’ve opened that door to her, and it’s up to her to step through – but now she knows it’s open, and it should be easier. Perhaps she needs to gather her thoughts and feelings before responding, or perhaps she wants to close the door. Time will tell.

I’m glad I contacted her because, on the balance of things, I think it was the right thing to do. Right for me, at least.

I can’t presume to speak for her, though the fact she is following me still after these years suggests there is still interest. I’ve done my bit. What she does next, whether it be anything or nothing, is entirely up to her and I’m at peace with it either way.

Still, it would be nice…

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