Officially encouraged

In my ongoing search for a new job I met with a recruiter for lunch. This is how I used to do it: form a relationship with a recruiter or two, earn their trust, then reap the benefits of continuous and well paid work. That’s how it used to be, but not so much anymore. The recruitment industry seems more cut-throat than ever before, with a high churn rate and consequently diminished quality and experience across the board. There’s no time to build relationships, and the process in general lends itself to more superficial results – but that’s the way it is.

The opportunity then to meet one on one with a recruiter was encouraging, but I was also sceptical. I remain wary, but the signs are good.

Our lunch was all business. We discussed my background, my experience, my expectations. When I told him how much I was after he said we can do a lot better than that. He then reeled off about half a dozen opportunities, none of which have a salary less than double my current. I’m happy to cop that.

The role I’m most likely to get is also the most challenging in that I would be required to spend 6 weeks in Toronto getting around the business, before returning and taking it up here. I’d have jumped at that before, but am not so keen now – though if it happens I won’t be saying no.

I can’t get ahead of myself. Words trip easily from the lips of recruiters, though he appears legit. He reports back on Friday and we’ll see how we go then. In the meantime I’m officially encouraged.

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