Pinned and cupped

I’ve just had a Tui Na session, something that up to two weeks ago I had no idea about. For those similarly ignorant, Tui Na is basically a combination of treatments, including acupuncture, cupping and massage. It’s a traditional Chinese form of medicine, which – if you want to get technical about – aims to restore your Qi.

So anyway, my manager has been getting treatment the last few weeks for her back and has been talking it up. As trainee students administer the treatment, the cost is very reasonable, and so I thought what the fuck, why not?

I used to get massages back in the golden days of my wealth. I enjoyed massage, but I also figured it had a therapeutic effect by getting the toxins out of my system before they built to a dangerous level. I was pretty confident of the preventative benefits, but sadly, as my wealth diminished, so to did the massage treatments. I reckon my health has deteriorated since, at least partly due to this.

Sometimes I feel like age is creeping up on me quickly. The results of my x-ray last week was not a broken wrist, but revealed was incipient arthritis. That’s not uncommon, but gee, it felt like another sign of increasing age. Add to that my DVT, a rash, and an almost permanently blocked sinus, and I was starting to feel like an old man – time to do something about it.

I had to fill in a form to start with, after which the trainee asked me a series of questions, checked my pulse, checked out my tongue, and so on. He went away to consult with his teacher and returned with him. He checked a few things for himself, and they decided on a treatment plan.

I hate cupping, but that was a part of it, together with acupuncture and the occasional massage. I had hoped it would be beneficial but didn’t expect anything too radical. To my surprise when he asked if I felt any better at the end of it, the answer was “yes, actually”.

They focused on my sinus, and while it’s not completely clear, it doesn’t feel anywhere near as blocked. Such swift results delighted me. I’m going back again next week.

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