I had a minor accident on Friday that left me with a sore wrist. When I woke on Saturday, it was worse again. After struggling to shower and dress one-handed, I went to the doc’s, who thought it might be broken and referred me to get an x-ray. I was dubious about that, but after wrenching it again this morning took myself off to the nearest bulk-billing imaging unit.

It’s a sunny day, and it turns out the nearest is on Bridge Road. I caught a tram there sharing the ride with a young family with grandparents in tow off to the Australian Open, and a bunch of elderly citizens with straw hats and AO t-shirts off to the same destination. All were enthused by it, and a great day for it is too.

I got off in Bridge Road and glanced about as I made my way to the imaging place. Bridge Road used to be my back-yard just about for around 3 years. I’d traverse the length of it heading into the city on the tram. At other times I’d stop off to check out the different shops and cafes, or cutting through on the way to the MCG. I knew it so well, and I was filled with a nostalgic sense of familiarity, despite so much having changed.

On the tram ride back I leaned against one of the cushioned buffers looking out the window at the passing parade. The sunshine was a blinding white, but the temperature very pleasant – it hits 38 and 39 degrees the next two days. As we passed Hoddle Street, I saw a slender woman performing on the road with a hula hoop in front of the traffic stopped at the lights. What’s that about, I wondered? I imagined there was some angle, but couldn’t work out how it might work. But then we trundled on, and she was lost to sight.

We progressed towards the city, past the Fitzroy and Treasury gardens, stopping and starting, people getting on and off, all manner of them.

One of my fellow commuters was an old woman in yoga gear. She had a couple of big bags by her feet and was eating from a bowl of what looked like porridge. A couple of Chinese tourists wandered onboard, and an elderly Italian couple straight out of my youth.

I love trams. And I love Melbourne. I love this burgeoning life.

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