The bitcoins I don’t have

I’m having lunch today with a woman who invested in bitcoins when they were way down low and is now sitting pretty now they’re $28K each with a bullet. This is a minor sore point for me. I very nearly invested in bitcoin about 5 years ago. I even set-up a bitcoin account – which I retain to this day – alas, with no bitcoins in it. I don’t know that I decided otherwise, rather other things got in the way, and the whole notion fell down the back of the couch, much like those other, much less valuable coins.

To rub it in I got a call about three weeks ago from a broker trying to interest me in bitcoin futures. Bit coins at that stage where about $11K. Now that’s a way to make a lot of money quickly, and lose it to. I still get these calls from people who somehow believe I’m still a man of wealth and influence. Of course, I couldn’t invest in it – I had nothing to invest with. In this case, though had I had the money and had I invested, it would have been a lot of money made.

Whatever. It’s a story told every day. Regardless, it’s her shout today.

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