How about that heat?

I’m getting a bit jack of this weather. I had a friend early in the month complain about the cool weather we were experiencing. Be careful, I told him, before you know it you’ll be complaining about the heat. That time has well and truly come.

I think it’s ten days out of the last twelve that have been over 30 degrees, and one of those other days it was 29. That run is set to continue with another couple of days in the mid-thirties forecast, and I can tell you at 8.17 am it’s already bloody warm. And it’s not even summer yet.

I don’t mind the heat, but I’d like a break from it every few days, and ideally cool nights. That’s another record we’ve broken – highest minimum temperatures. It’s very uncomfortable.

That’s how it gets – very uncomfortable. With no relief from the heat, day or night, the house becomes close and claustrophobic. Sleep suffers. It becomes a bit of an artificial environment.

I’ve spent good time in places where it’s just about 30 degrees every day, and often wickedly humid, but the relief comes with the sun setting, and with the sudden, surging storms. The heat here in Melbourne is static, and it’s only going to get a lot hotter.

For me, it’s not a great day to be wearing a suit and tie. Another day I’d be doing as the sensible do and roll up to work minus tie and jacket, and sleeves rolled up. With a funeral to attend, I’m dressed up like a store dummy.

I left the air-con on at home today, partly for Rigby, partly to keep the house cool for when I get home. I’m at work now but head off at about midday for Mt Martha, and the funeral.

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