The conversations I crave

This morning in bed I was reading a biography of Chekhov, and a history of tank warfare. Last night I watched a doco about the universe and many of its strange quirks. The other night I watched another on AI and nanobots. I have a couple of books waiting for me – a book of essays by Tony Judt, and a history of western culture. Not to mention a book of Ian Flemings correspondence, and sundry fiction (currently reading The Riddle of the Sands).

How much of this do you reckon I get to discuss? Practically nil. I have one friend with whom I’ll have sciencey conversations, but eventually we’ll verge off into discussion on comparative TV series. I don’t know that there’s anyone else much I have the type of conversations I’d like to have.

I indulge in these things because they rouse me in some way. I’m fascinated by the mystery, or seek to learn more. Last night watching the doco and observing some of the complex mathematics I wished some of my teachers had given such a contextual lesson – maths bored me then, but when applied it becomes eye-opening. These are the things that take my attention. In the past, I’ve pondered I might have become an architect or a doctor in another life, but equally given another go I might have chosen lecturer (literature or history), physicist, astrophysicist, cosmologist, archaeologist, or indeed, writer.

I don’t get that opportunity, but it’s unfortunate that for the most part I experience these things and have no-one to share them with. I crave that conversation. Don’t get me wrong, I can talk about the footy all day, and even politics if anyone’s keen – but I’d really like to share these mind stretching subjects. I’d like to pass it on, but also I want that dialogue in order to push it into more interesting areas.

We live in a really remarkable world, and how you can’t be interested in that has got me stumped. If only I had someone I could explore that world with. Maybe next year.

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