Looking for a guru

I posted this yesterday on LinkedIn. I’m looking for a partner for my social mentoring project, recognising that I can’t do it myself.

Do you want to leave the world a better place than you found it? Are you compassionate, as well as driven? Is financial gain and recognition less important than creating something that might provide hope and support to those who need it?

Are you entrepreneurial? Do you itch to do things, to make a difference? Does your mind teem with ideas? Do you have experience with a start-up? Do you have a defined skillset – software development, UX design, marketing? Do you have great contacts?

Finally, are you in Melbourne? I’m interested in hearing from you if you can give an unqualified yes to the first group of questions, and another yes to some of the others.

I’ll admit – I can’t say yes to all these things – but that’s why I’m here. I have ideas and passion and maybe a crazy innocence, and I’m looking for a partner for the journey who has complementary skills and experience, as well as passion.  If you’re curious or interested let me know.

If you know of anybody…



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