Writing practice

So I’m submitting my book to a comp in October, not expecting to win or anything like that, but to get exposed to the right types. A lot of what I’m doing now is motivated by finances. Winning $20K would be handy. For much the same financial incentive I’m contemplating an essay competition due December ($3K), and a short story comp January ($4K). Good practice as well, and another way of getting my name out there.

My movie producer has also been in touch and sent me a movie script to look at by a big name director. She’s looking to make the movie of it and while it’s a great story, the dialogue is pretty simple. I don’t know how wise but I’ve reported that back to her, with the caveat that since I don’t know movies maybe simple and obvious is the way to go. I did add the supremely pretentious line that “as a fiction writer I prefer a bit more depth and subtlety”.

In general, I’m still very busy writing, and will be taking some time off shortly to polish up the novel for the comp.

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