This will be a short post, and just for the record.

I’ve spent the last couple of days home at my manager’s instruction. I struggled on Monday, mostly because of frustrations to do with my job. It impacted upon me physically. I couldn’t concentrate, was unmotivated, and had that fuzzy feeling. For the first time in my life I said something about.

I had practical doubts about my ability to do my job properly. I went to my manager and admitted to that I was struggling. She understood why, and was sympathetic. She suggested to me that I take the rest of the week off to get myself right. In the meantime she would chase up some of my frustrations.

I spent the last two days working around the house, and writing. It was pleasant, but for the most part I wasn’t quite right. I nearly came to work yesterday, but wasn’t ready. Much as I like to be home these are not the circumstances I welcome. I felt better last night and this morning I got back into the groove.

For the most part I have been fine. As predicted, the worst of it has passed and I am hard at it again.

Some things haven’t changed. There was supposed to be an answer yesterday regarding my salary queries. There isn’t because the person meant to provide an answer is ill. That sounds fair enough, except there’s always a reason, just as there has been for the last 6 months.

When I enquired about a role I had been nominated for even my manager showed frustration. Everything has been approved, except that the new manager of the area must rubber stamp things. She has been given recommendations – namely that I and another person – are put forward. From what my manager said it seems like she might go maverick and nominate whoever she pleases (after being in the job 5 minutes and being only a temporary appointment).

I almost laughed. “I give up,” I said, and my manager replied, “I give up to.”

It’s now the afternoon. It’s been a busy day and I’ve been productive, but since lunch I’ve been feeling fuzzy again.

That’s all.

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